Pentax Program-A

This camera dates from 1984. This camera is clearly a development of the Pentax ME Super of 1979. Indeed, the ME Super was discontinued the year that this model was released. lens: n/a focal length: n/a apertures: n/a focus range: n/a lens fitting: Pentax KA mount shutter: Seiko MFC-E5 vertical metal electronic speeds: 15 to 1/1000Continue reading “Pentax Program-A”

Pentax SFX

This camera is very reminiscent of the Yashica 230-AF . They are both early attempts at electronic control of the camera – using a variety of sliders instead of the dials and buttons we expect nowadays. There are certainly no menus! Other manufacturers made very similar cameras. lens:  n/a focal length:  n/a apertures: n/a focus range:Continue reading “Pentax SFX”

Asahi Pentax ME-F

Pentax were the leading 35 mm SLR cameras through the 1960s and 1970s. During the 1980s, there were a lot of technological advances (not just in photography) and Asahi (the makers of Pentax cameras) were leading the push to develop modern automatic cameras. The act of producing cutting edge, state of the art cameras necessarilyContinue reading “Asahi Pentax ME-F”

Pentax ME Super

This is a very compact SLR from Pentax, Japan.  By the time of the K-mount cameras, the company had changed its name from Asahi to Pentax.  Originally, the Pentax name belonged to the East German Zeiss Ikon as a contraction of PENtaprism conTAX.  This camera is a development of the Spotmatic series. lens: Sirius automaticContinue reading “Pentax ME Super”