Kodak Retinette 1B (type 037)

I spent years resisting adding Kodaks to my collection for the simple reason that Kodak produced far too many cameras. Well, I bought one (Retina 1a (type 015)) and now I have four. This latest Kodak is a derivation of that Retina 1a and my Retinette (type 017) but is now a rigid camera ratherContinue reading “Kodak Retinette 1B (type 037)”

Kodak Brownie Cresta

Kodak made a prolific range of cameras over many years. In fact, their ranges of cameras had sub-ranges. This camera is a Brownie which is a range of amateur cameras first made in 1900. Brownie cameras were aimed at snap shot photographers and were extremely simple to use. My first cameras was a Brownie VectaContinue reading “Kodak Brownie Cresta”

Kodak Retina Ia (type 015)

Kodak bought Nagel Kamerawerk in 1932 as they wanted the design and manufacturing facilities to produce top quality amateur cameras. The main camera Dr Nagel designed for Kodak was the Retina introduced in 1934, together with the now standard 35mm cassette. Several models were produced before Kodak introduced the Retina I in 1936. The cameraContinue reading “Kodak Retina Ia (type 015)”

Kodak Retinette (type 017)

Visually, this is very like an early Retina – see my description of my Retina I type 119 – I gather the Retinette line was introduced for the folding 35 mm cameras with no rangefinder. Before I go on to describe this camera I want to repeat the standard advice regarding using the V or self-timer settingContinue reading “Kodak Retinette (type 017)”

Six-20 Brownie D

  Kodak SIX-20 brownie D This must be the simplest camera that I have.  It is a box camera from Kodak made between 1953 and 1957 in London.  It was also made in the USA.  It comes with two controls besides the shutter release.  First control is a choice between “I” (instantaneous) and “B” (bulb). Continue reading “Six-20 Brownie D”

Kodak Brownie Vecta

Kodak Brownie Vecta Kodak had a long series of Brownie cameras.  These were the cheap and cheerful range and varied greatly over time. This article is about the Brownie Vecta which was made in the UK and presumably only available here.  I was given one of these for a birthday present when I was wasContinue reading “Kodak Brownie Vecta”