Nikon Nikkorex

Nikon’s first SLR camera was the professional Nikon F which introduced the F mount which is still (in modified form) in use today. In order to tap into the large enthusiast market, Nikon introduced the Nikkorex range. There were three models in the Nikkorex range. The first two models seem to have been modelled onContinue reading “Nikon Nikkorex”

Pentax Program-A

This camera dates from 1984. This camera is clearly a development of the Pentax ME Super of 1979. Indeed, the ME Super was discontinued the year that this model was released. lens: n/a focal length: n/a apertures: n/a focus range: n/a lens fitting: Pentax KA mount shutter: Seiko MFC-E5 vertical metal electronic speeds: 15 to 1/1000Continue reading “Pentax Program-A”