Pentax Program-A

This camera dates from 1984. This camera is clearly a development of the Pentax ME Super of 1979. Indeed, the ME Super was discontinued the year that this model was released. lens: n/a focal length: n/a apertures: n/a focus range: n/a lens fitting: Pentax KA mount shutter: Seiko MFC-E5 vertical metal electronic speeds: 15 to 1/1000Continue reading “Pentax Program-A”

Beauty LightOmatic III

This LightOmatic III camera is an addition to my collection of 35mm rangefinder cameras. It is a fixed lens camera from Japan and is firmly from the same stable as the Yashicas (Minister III and Minister D), Petri 7s, Taron Auto EE, Mamiya EE, Minolta Uniomat. There is a consistent feel about these Japanese rangefindersContinue reading “Beauty LightOmatic III”