OPL FocaSport

This FocaSport (or Foca Sport) is a French camera made by OPL (Optiques et Précision de Levallois SA). As occasionally happens, the camera came with its original printed instruction manual – available as a download here. lens: Foca-Neoplar focal length: 45mm apertures: ƒ/3.5 to ƒ/16 focus range: 0.75 m to infinity lens fitting: fixed shutter: AtosContinue reading “OPL FocaSport”

Demaria-Lapierre Dehel folding camera.

This camera looks very like a 1930s Zeiss Ikon Nettar or Ikonta camera. Looking at the <a href=”http://www.collection-appareils.fr/carrousel/html/index.php#”>collection-appareils</a> site, there is a chronology of Dehel cameras. Looking at the specific features of my camera – f/3.5 Manar lens, Gauthier shutter, knob film advance, the English writing on the shutter fascia, design of the viewfinder – it wouldContinue reading “Demaria-Lapierre Dehel folding camera.”