Olympus OM1n

I already have an Olympus OM camera – the OM10. The OM10 is an amateur camera – aperture priority exposure meter and very clumsy manual mode. This OM1 is a professional camera. It is entirely manual and entirely mechanical. That means it will work with no battery and will even work if the meter dies.The … More Olympus OM1n

Fujica ST605

This is a 35mm SLR film camera from 1977. Ity is very reminescent of an Asahi Pentax. Interestingly, Fuji (as Fujifilm) are one of the few companies to still make film cameras – the Fuji Instax. So, this is an all manual film camera using the standard M42 lens mount thread introduced by eastern Zeiss … More Fujica ST605

Cosina CT1

This is an amazing title camera. It was introduced by Cosina in 1979/80 and, amazingly, is still available new (rebadged as a Nikon FM10) in 2017. In those years, (nearly 40!), that the Cosina CT1 has been produced, it has been sold in the slightly updated form of the CT1 Super as the Nikon FM10, … More Cosina CT1

Cosina CSM

As I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog, Cosina have an undeservedly poor reputation. In fact, in addition to their own designs made under their Owen name, they make cameras for the big-name camera companies. The event Zeiss Ikon rangefinder was made by Cosina as are many Carl Zeiss and Voigtlander lenses. Cosina CSM This … More Cosina CSM

Glossary of Photographic Terms (O to Z)

orthochromatic sensitive to blue and green light. The name means ‘correct colour’. Orthochromatic film can be handled with a normal darkroom safe-light. panchromatic sensitive all colours – the usual film that is currently available. Must be handled in complete darkness. PC socket Prontor-Compur. Named after the two most prominent shutter manufacturers from the mid-20th century. … More Glossary of Photographic Terms (O to Z)