Chinon CE-4

Chinon do not have the good name and reputation of the big Japanese camera makers. Along with Cosina, they get thought of as cheap, bottom end of the market cameras. If truth be told, both Chinon and Cosina are excellent designers and manufacturers. In fact, Chinon were good enough for Kodak to buy the company … More Chinon CE-4

Ica Icarette 498/1

This is my third Icarette camera. My first is the Zeiss Ikon Icarette made in 1930 and my second was the Ica Icarette I (model 496) made, as far as I can tell, in 1918. This Icarette, also made by Ica and not Zeiss Ikon, would seem to be an Icarette II – model 498/1. … More Ica Icarette 498/1

Wirgin Edixa 1 Viewfinder camera (also known as Edina 1)

This is a West German camera made between 1953 and 1957. It is a simple viewfinder camera which is clearly built to a price but quite well made within that constraint. This camera has been well used – witness the scuff marks around the tripod boss – and, at least latterly, stored badly – the … More Wirgin Edixa 1 Viewfinder camera (also known as Edina 1)

Olympus μ Zoom 115 (also Mju Zoom 115)

 This is a sophisticated point-and-shoot camera. It is clearly a development of Olympus’s XA series. The camera opens by sliding a cover to the right, exposing the lens and switching on the electrics. Controls are minimal making it very much a point-and-shoot camera. In fact, it is quite possible to ignore the few controls provided … More Olympus μ Zoom 115 (also Mju Zoom 115)

Olympus C-315 zoom

OK.  I am going to use a naughty word – digital. There – said and nothing bad has happened.  This blog has always been about my old film cameras – not digital for the simple reason that I do not collect digital cameras. I have nothing against digital cameras and I do own a rather … More Olympus C-315 zoom

Halina 35X

Halina 35X This is a small but heavy Chinese camera made by Haking in Hong Kong.  It looks a little like a Leica which I am sure is not a complete coincidence.  It is entirely made from metal – which metal I am not sure but I would presume an aluminium alloy of some sort.  … More Halina 35X