Wirgin Edixa 1 Viewfinder camera (also known as Edina 1)

This is a West German camera made between 1953 and 1957. It is a simple viewfinder camera which is clearly built to a price but quite well made within that constraint. This camera has been well used – witness the scuff marks around the tripod boss – and, at least latterly, stored badly – the … More Wirgin Edixa 1 Viewfinder camera (also known as Edina 1)

Olympus μ Zoom 115 (also Mju Zoom 115)

 This is a sophisticated point-and-shoot camera. It is clearly a development of Olympus’s XA series. The camera opens by sliding a cover to the right, exposing the lens and switching on the electrics. Controls are minimal making it very much a point-and-shoot camera. In fact, it is quite possible to ignore the few controls provided … More Olympus μ Zoom 115 (also Mju Zoom 115)

Olympus C-315 zoom

OK.  I am going to use a naughty word – digital. There – said and nothing bad has happened.  This blog has always been about my old film cameras – not digital for the simple reason that I do not collect digital cameras. I have nothing against digital cameras and I do own a rather … More Olympus C-315 zoom

Halina 35X

Halina 35X This is a small but heavy Chinese camera made by Haking in Hong Kong.  It looks a little like a Leica which I am sure is not a complete coincidence.  It is entirely made from metal – which metal I am not sure but I would presume an aluminium alloy of some sort.  … More Halina 35X

Contina IIa

Zeiss Ikon’s Contina camera was a long lived and varied series of cameras.  The series started as the Ikonta 35 which was a post-war version of the 120 format Ikonta adapted to take 35 mm film.  This camera became two series of cameras – the Contessa and the Contina; the first Contessas and Continas were … More Contina IIa

Emi K 35

Emi K 35 The Emi K 35 was made by the Oshiro Optical Works in Japan in 1956.  It is quite an attractive and well made little camera but basic in the facilities it offers. lens:  Fujiyama Eminent Color focal length:  50 mm apertures: 2.8 to 16 focus range: 3 feet to infinity lens fitting: fixed … More Emi K 35