Phenix 205DS

This is a Chinese camera made by Seagull. The only Chinese camera I have come across before is my Hakin Halina 30 5X. This has been prejudicing my opinion of Chinese cameras. I have never heard of the Phenix brand before but looking at a Chinese auction site, it seems that they made a range … More Phenix 205DS

Fed 4 (ФЭД 4)

This Soviet Feed 4 is a camera with an impressive pedigree. The original design was by Oskar Barnack and the Leica 1 introduced in 1926 by E.Leitz (Leica =  LEItz CAmera). An orphanage in Karkiv, Ukraine set up a workshop to produce copies of the Leica II as a training exercise for teenage boys. This … More Fed 4 (ФЭД 4)

Olympus 35 ECR

This is a small, compact 35mm camera from Olympus. It is a part of the Olympus 35 line – 12 models with varying complexity. This model came out in 1972 and was produced for two years (as far as I can gather). Olympus ECR, front view (C) John Margetts lens: E. Zuiko focal length:  42 … More Olympus 35 ECR

Yashica Minister D

I already have an article on Yashica Minister III rangefinders. This Minister D is clearly from the same stable. The camera is about the same size to look at  – I suspect the Minister II and D both use the same main casting. The most obvious difference is with the light meter. With the Minister III, … More Yashica Minister D

Balda Super Baldina

This is my second Balda Baldina. The first is a folding Baldina from the 1930s. The Super in the name indicates that it has a coupled rangefinder. This new Baldina is from the 1950s and is not a folder but nods in that direction with a collapsible lens. This is fairly effective – it reduces … More Balda Super Baldina