Glossary of Photographic Terms (F to I)

f/ number This is a ratio of the lens’ focal length divided by the aperture diameter. It gives a measure of light transmittance independent of the lens focal length. f/5.6 (for example) on one lens will transmit the same amount of light as f/5.6 on any other lens. fascia A decorative covering over the frontContinue reading “Glossary of Photographic Terms (F to I)”

Glossary of Photographic Terms (O to Z)

orthochromatic sensitive to blue and green light. The name means ‘correct colour’. Orthochromatic film can be handled with a normal darkroom safe-light. panchromatic sensitive all colours – the usual film that is currently available. Must be handled in complete darkness. Parallax The differences between the positions of objects when you move your viewpoint. Noticeable whenContinue reading “Glossary of Photographic Terms (O to Z)”

Glossary of Photographic Terms (J to N)

Karat cassette Agfa’s answer to Kodak’s 135 film in the (now ubiquitous) cassette. Introduced in 1936, it was almost identical to the Agfa Rapid cassette. Leader The first part of the film in a 35 mm cassette. It is trimmed to about half the width of the film. Leatherette A plasticised cloth used as aContinue reading “Glossary of Photographic Terms (J to N)”

Glossary of Photographic terms (A to E)

Phrase Definition. 110 film A very small film format, held in a light-proof cartridge designed for easy loading. Now obsolete 117 film The film is the same size as 120 film but the spool is much smaller. 120 size film Roll film that measures 60 mm across and is long enough for 8 off 6×9,Continue reading “Glossary of Photographic terms (A to E)”