Kodak Retina Ia (type 015)

Kodak bought Nagel Kamerawerk in 1932 as they wanted the design and manufacturing facilities to produce top quality amateur cameras. The main camera Dr Nagel designed for Kodak was the Retina introduced in 1934, together with the now standard 35mm cassette. Several models were produced before Kodak introduced the Retina I in 1936. The cameraContinue reading “Kodak Retina Ia (type 015)”

Nixon Nixette 120 camera

This is a simple camera. A well designed and well made simple camera. It takes 120 film producing 12 off 60 by 60 mm negatives. Nixon Nixette (C) John Margetts lens: Supra anastigmat focal length:  7.5 cm apertures: f/5.6 to f/16 (plus, probably,  f/22) focus range: 3 feet to infinity lens fitting: fixed shutter:  VarioContinue reading “Nixon Nixette 120 camera”

Kodak Retinette (type 017)

Visually, this is very like an early Retina – see my description of my Retina I type 119 – I gather the Retinette line was introduced for the folding 35 mm cameras with no rangefinder. Before I go on to describe this camera I want to repeat the standard advice regarding using the V or self-timer settingContinue reading “Kodak Retinette (type 017)”

Enfield folding camera

This camera is a British Ensign camera – it was generously given to me by Harry Davies.  It is a folding camera of a very standard design. Visually, it is very similar to both a Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2  and an Agfa Billy Record. Dating it is problematic, not least because I am not sure ofContinue reading “Enfield folding camera”

Agilux Agifold

AGI, who made this camera, are an aeronautical instrument maker – still in business – rather than a camera maker and it shows. During WWII, AGI made military instruments and that pedigree is followed in this camera. It is large and heavy and has no small controls so easy to use with cold hands, withContinue reading “Agilux Agifold”

Ica Icarette 1 (A)

This is an Icarette camera made by Ica in Dresden, Germany. It is a model 1 which was introduced in 1912 but I cannot tell if it is a type 495 (the original, model A in the USA) or type 496 (later version that can also take glass plates, model B in the USA). IcaContinue reading “Ica Icarette 1 (A)”