Franka Solida III camera

The first Vintage camera that I bought was a Franka Solida II.  The Solida III is basically the same camera, as you would expect, with a different lens and the addition of a non-coupled rangefinder. The Solida III takes 120 film and produces a 6 cm by 6 cm negative – twelve frames to aContinue reading “Franka Solida III camera”

Agfa Billy Record

Agfa Billy-Record Agfa Billy-Record landscape format This is a fairly standard full frame 120 film camera from the mid 1930s.  I think this camera is a grey import – no “made in Germany”, distance scale in metres and the tripod socket is continental rather than UK or USA. The 1937 Photographic Almanac refers to thisContinue reading “Agfa Billy Record”

Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex

Zeiss Ikon Ikoflexes are close copies of Rolleiflexes.  For some reason, they do not have the good reputation of the Rolleiflexes even though they use the same lenses and shutters – both, incidentally, made by Zeiss subsidiaries.  My specimen is an Ikoflex II and has a lens serial number that dates from mid 1936 andContinue reading “Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex”

Zeiss Ikon Icarette

 The Icarette (sometimes mistakenly called a Jcarette because of the fancy “I” used) is a very old line of cameras, first produced by ICA before the mergers that formed Zeiss Ikon in 1926.  ICA itself was formed in 1909 by an amalgamation of Carl Zeiss Jena and others.  My Icarette has a lens serial numberContinue reading “Zeiss Ikon Icarette”

Zeiss Ikon Nettar family

Zeiss Ikon produced quite a series of cameras called Nettar – both before and after WWII. These range from cameras producing 6cm by 9cm to 6cm by 4.5 cm negatives. Information on these is conflicting to say the least. I have four Nettars – two are very early ones from 1934-ish (the year Nettars wereContinue reading “Zeiss Ikon Nettar family”