Nixon Nixette 120 camera

This is a simple camera. A well designed and well made simple camera. It takes 120 film producing 12 off 60 by 60 mm negatives. Nixon Nixette (C) John Margetts lens: Supra anastigmat focal length:  7.5 cm apertures: f/5.6 to f/16 (plus, probably,  f/22) focus range: 3 feet to infinity lens fitting: fixed shutter:  VarioContinue reading “Nixon Nixette 120 camera”

Enfield folding camera

This camera is a British Ensign camera – it was generously given to me by Harry Davies.  It is a folding camera of a very standard design. Visually, it is very similar to both a Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2  and an Agfa Billy Record. Dating it is problematic, not least because I am not sure ofContinue reading “Enfield folding camera”

Agilux Agifold

AGI, who made this camera, are an aeronautical instrument maker – still in business – rather than a camera maker and it shows. During WWII, AGI made military instruments and that pedigree is followed in this camera. It is large and heavy and has no small controls so easy to use with cold hands, withContinue reading “Agilux Agifold”

Ica Icarette 1 (A)

This is an Icarette camera made by Ica in Dresden, Germany. It is a model 1 which was introduced in 1912 but I cannot tell if it is a type 495 (the original, model A in the USA) or type 496 (later version that can also take glass plates, model B in the USA). IcaContinue reading “Ica Icarette 1 (A)”

Voigtlander Perkeo I

This is a nice, medium format camera from Voigtlander. It is a direct competitor to Zeiss Ikon’s Nettar 518/16 – that is, at the lower end of the enthusiasts’ 120 cameras – and is a replacement for the Bessa 66. This is a folding camera which fits nicely in a (large-ish) pocket. It measures 125 mmContinue reading “Voigtlander Perkeo I”

Comparison between Ikonta 520, Bob 510 and Nettar 515

Comparison between Ikonta 520, Bob 510 and Nettar 515: These three cameras from Zeiss Ikon share the same aluminium casting for their bodies.  This makes them very similar cameras.  They all take 120 film and they all produce half-frame negatives of 6 x 4.5 cm.  The details, however, are different.  I shall give the differencesContinue reading “Comparison between Ikonta 520, Bob 510 and Nettar 515”

Adox Golf 63 S

At one time Adox were a major photographic force.  German in origin, they were bought by Dupont. The Dupont company was sold to Agfa (and so became German once again) and Agfa did not use the Adox brand name so their registration of the name lapsed.  Almost immediately, Canadian and German companies registered the name,Continue reading “Adox Golf 63 S”

Dacora Digna

Dacora Digna This is a very cheap camera from the mid 1950s.  It takes 120 film (12 negatives to a roll) which was more-or-less standard for amateur photographers at the time.  The Digna came in several versions and my example is, apparently, close to the top of the range.  The camera is fairly small forContinue reading “Dacora Digna”