Serial numbers to help with dating cameras.

This is information that I have collected over the last few years from a number of sources.  Some of those sources contradict each other so I have had to make decisions as to what I wish to keep.  I cannot guarantee its accuracy.

The date a lens or shutter is made is not always the date the camera was made.  Both lenses and shutters are made and sold to camera manufacturers in batches.  A camera made in one year may have a lens made the previous year.  I have at least one camera (Zeiss Ikon Icarette) when the shutter was made the year before the lens.  It is also possible that either the shutter or the lens is a later addition made by a repairer.

Here are the links to the files:

Voigtlander lenses

Schneider lenses

Not all Compur serial numbers will appear here. Occasionally,  you will come across nonstandard serial numbers that start with Axxxxxxx or 00xxxxx. I have assumed,  without much evidence, that these are for specific production for particular  camera makers.

Compur shutters

Carl Zeiss lenses   (East and West Germany included)

Olympus cameras


Author: John Margetts

I am a keen photographer who also collects cameras. I am retired with about 50 years photography experience.

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