Chinon CE-4

Chinon do not have the good name and reputation of the big Japanese camera makers. Along with Cosina, they get thought of as cheap, bottom end of the market cameras. If truth be told, both Chinon and Cosina are excellent designers and manufacturers. In fact, Chinon were good enough for Kodak to buy the company … More Chinon CE-4

Ica Icarette 498/1

This is my third Icarette camera. My first is the Zeiss Ikon Icarette made in 1930 and my second was the Ica Icarette I (model 496) made, as far as I can tell, in 1918. This Icarette, also made by Ica and not Zeiss Ikon, would seem to be an Icarette II – model 498/1. … More Ica Icarette 498/1

Exakta RTL1000

This is my sixth Exakta camera. The first five (Varex IIb, Exa IIb, Exa Ia, Exa 500 Exakta TL500) were made by the still independent Ihagee company in Dresden (the TL500 was made by Ihagee West in West Germany). Eventually, Ihagee was absorbed into the Pentacon combine with Zeiss Ikon, KW and some others. This fifth … More Exakta RTL1000

Welta Weltix

Welta were a relatively minor camera manufacturer – at least when compared to the likes of Zeiss Ikon and Voigtländer. Their cameras do not appear for sale so often and seem to attract generous prices at auction. lens: Steinheil Cassar focal length:  50 mm apertures: f/2.9 to f/16 focus range: 1 m to infinity lens … More Welta Weltix

Phenix 205DS

This is a Chinese camera made by Seagull. The only Chinese camera I have come across before is my Hakin Halina 30 5X. This has been prejudicing my opinion of Chinese cameras. I have never heard of the Phenix brand before but looking at a Chinese auction site, it seems that they made a range … More Phenix 205DS